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Influenced by industrial, ebm, electro and hip hop Azzido Da Bass began his DJ career in the year 1996 spinning acid, techno and breakbeat at private unofficial jams and various clubs in the north of Germany where he began to embrace the sound and flavor of this rough and individual music.

With his individual DJ sets and outstanding technique he rocked his crowd on three turntables through a journey of the finest and freshest tracks using accapellas, instrumentals and dubs and fix them together to create a new song interactive.

To be considered one of the best DJs worldwide was not enough for Hamburg based Azzido Da Bass so he decided to become a producer beginning of 1999 and has gained suddenly huge success with his debut single “Dooms Night” incl. Timo Maas Remix which became a club classic already.

“Dooms Night” jumped from 0 to 8 in the official UK charts and secured a solid top 50 entry in the German single sales charts. It was the main title of the MTV music awards 2000 and Wycleaf Jean – singer of the Fugees – has rapped on top of the instrumental track during his part of the MTV music awards presentation..

The track was also featured in the German movie “Angeled” and has been picked up for the american tv advertising campaign of the wheels brand “Michelin” and the 2003 Siemens “Xelibri” mobile campaign..

The tech-break phenomena “Dooms Night” secured many accolades like “Best Dance Single 2000” with magazines like DJ, Muzik, Mixmag, Raveline, Groove,

The Face, ID, and various others plus the “German Dance Award 2001” accolade in the category “Discomaniac” for more than 20.000 sold vinyl units..

Azzido Da Bass continued his production success with his aside remix production for the 1990 techno classic “House Of God” by D.H.S. which jumped on #1 of the DDC and secured a top 10 position in all other dance charts e.g. in Germany, France and UK..

Shortly after this phenomenal results Azzido Da Bass delivered another club slammer with the follow up single “Speed” which continued the techbreak style of “Dooms Night” in a futuristically way with strong preacher man vocals by Atlanta based male singer Roland Clark who has already sung for various major artists like Todd Terry, Fatboy Slim and Arman Van Helden..

The single “Speed” secured the “German Dance Award” accolade in the category “Discomaniac” for more than 7500 sold vinyl units..

In the summer 2002 Azzido Da Bass has rocked one million ravers at the final end of Berlin’s “Love Parade 2002” with a phenomenal DJ set at the “Statue Of Victory” among 14 other DJs which was broadcasted live by tv and radio all over the world and nowadays Azzido Da Bass travels all around the world..

After concentrating on his DeeJay career Azzido Da Bass focused lately more and more on his solo productions and teamed up with Andre Winter as his new producer-partner..

He recently remixed e.g. the German clubhit “Young Love (Topless)” by Kid Alex on Milk N’Sugar / Polydor Island as well as the title “A Contre Courant” by French superstar Alize and worked hard on the blueprints for his first Azzido Da Bass album which will be released in autumn/winter 2005 featuring singers of the UK band Zoot Woman (Wall Of Sound), Klonhertz (Southern Fried), Slarta John (XL), Roland Clark (Skint, King Street, Defected etc.) and various others..

Besides all this Azzido Da Bass founded his own label Luscious Sounds ! First shot is the long awaited follow up single “Strobelightz” featuring Digitalism which will be released at the end of January 2005..

If Azzido Da Bass is in your area look out for his DJ-set and you’ll personally see his passion and love for the hottest tracks known through out clubs worldwide..

Azzido Da Bass will always be considered the best at what he does.


Azzido Da Bass The Album (title tbc)

Luscious Sounds, TBA in 2006

Azzido Da Bass feat. Zoot Woman “Lonely By Your Side”

Luscious Sounds 2005

Azzido Da Bass “High Figh”

Luscious Sounds 2005

Azzido Da Bass feat. Digitalism “Strobelightz”

Luscious Sounds 2005

Azzido Da Bass “Knightz Of The Living Bassheadz”

Luscious Sounds 2005

Phunk Noveaux “Whatever”

Slip-N-Slide 2005

Azzido Da Bass “Speed”

Edel records 2002

Azzido Da Bass “Dooms Night 2.0”

Edel Records 2000

Azzido Da Bass “Dooms Night”

Edel Records 1999

Helikopter “Der Rotor”

Clubtools/Edel Records 1999


Phunk Nouveaux “Whatever”

Slip-N-Slide UK, 2005

Alize “A Contre Courant”

Requiem Publishing/Universal-FRA, 2003

Kid Alex “Young Love (Topless)”

Milk N´Sugar/Polydor/Island/1-Off Records 2003

Good Sex Valdes “I Want Your Wife”

Sound Of Barclay/Universal’FRA, 2003

Kamal Kacet “Ifkis”

Polydor’FRA, 2003

Blaze “Do You Remember House”

Slip´N´Slide/Kickin Music’UK, 2002

D.H.S. “House Of God”

Edel Records/D-Vision/Hangman 2002

Tomba Vira “The Sound Of … Ooh Yeah”

Leaded ’ G/United’NL, 2002

Hurley & Todd “Sunstorm”

Liquid Asset’UK, 2001

Jark Prongo “Movin’ Through Your System”

Edel Records/United’NL, 2001

Cassius Henry “Broke”

Edel UK Records 2001

E-Craig “Dutch Drum Attack”

Leaded ’ G/Spinnin’NL, 2001

Bismark “Make A Dream”

Kontor ’ GER/BXR-ITA, 2000

Mas Y Mas “Kooyanisquatsi”

Edel Records 2000

Winx “Don’t Laugh 2000”

Nervous – USA/Club Tools-UK & GAS, 2000

Carl Cox “Phuture 2000”

Worldwide Ultimatum’UK, 2000