Ayleon Beatport


A finnish electronic music making duo Ayleon consists of Sami Tikkamäki and Tomi Pihlajamäki. Both have a long experience in music making on their own. In 2005 they joined and started co-operation in order to make some remix work.

Ayleon’s musical influences comes from various electronic genres such as trance, dance, house, breakbeat, electro house and many different 80’s dance music. Past years they have managed to create their individual style by combining lots of different styles and ideas – mostly those ideas have worked well. Even though they like to make their songs according to specific genres, their main idea has always been to avoid the most typical ways to make music. It’s boring, that’s why. However they get more inspired by experimenting with sounds and trusting their ears. After that comes all the necessary routines, mixing etc.