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Ayla Nereo

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“Can you fall in love with a sound? Can love itself be expressed in sound? Because if so, this is surely that sound…” ~ Collapse Board

“Curious, wondrous, and full of insights…” ~ BAM Magazine

“Amazing creativity” ~ ART Hound

“Prosodic storytelling” ~ Paste Magazine

“Ayla Nereo’s voice was shocking… beautiful.” ~ Tiny Mix Tapes

“The lucid instrument here is Ayla’s voice… a mechanism dedicated to the running consciousness of her lyrics.” ~ The Deli SF

“Something that actually matters… good music.” ~ Laughing Evergreens

“Her voice blossoms” ~ The Bay Bridged

Ayla Nereo’s voice will hit you straight in the heart.

Her infectious melodies are woven into complex electro-acoustic compositions, ballads of guitar fingerpicking and danceable rhythms, intricate harmonies layered in vocal looping, and projected visuals, creating an epic journey into poetry, myth, and possibility.

Ayla Nereo came from the hills of Sonoma County, a child grown on blackberries and books. The lines of vision and waves of hearing brushed her shoulder one day, and it started to come out as music.

Since then, Ayla has released two full-length albums and is currently finishing her third, as well as three new music videos.

Ayla also plays with brother Davyd in Beatbeat Whisper.

Keep an eye to the sky and an ear to the sounds around… there is a revolution of conscious hearing, a casting-off of bitter judgment, and it’s in your eyes…