"DJ Axel F." alias Axel Kneschke was born in Frankfurt am Main and in Ebern (Germany) grown up. His musical career already began beginning of the 80th. He founded the sc... read more
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Location: Munich, Germany Germany
Genre: Tech House, Trance
Labels: SPOK-Media Records

“DJ Axel F.” alias Axel Kneschke was born in Frankfurt am Main and in Ebern (Germany) grown up. His musical career already began beginning of the 80th.

He founded the schoolband “KIZZOU” with his brother Rich (RMK) and his friend Christian Ribka (today CFA-Project).

In 1986 Axel won a DJ’s younger generation competition in Roxie at that time in Hassfurt (Germany). With an education as a Lightjockey and as a Discjockey he collected valuable information and experiences.

To the pseudonym “DJ Axel F.” he came by the title song to the soundtrack “Beverly Hill’s cop” (leading role Eddie Murphy alias Axel Foley) which was composed by Harold Faltermeyer and was produced.

The song called “Axel F.” and at that time was Axel’s opening song (Intro) in the greeting of his guests in the disco. Because on the Vinyl-Promo-Maxi a big sticker with Axel F. was to be seen, Axel put this Maxi always accidentally in front of the mixer with it everybody could see. One day the guests started calling Axel as Axel F. or DJ Axel F. and responding.

This nickname or DJ’s name circulated fast and Axel this pseudonym never again agreed away.

He performed in many clubs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain. Many famous clubs and also at festivals.

Axel has tried out in the course of his long DeeJay career also as a DJ everything: From the Techno event up to club disco events. He inspired his audience with good club disco sound over and over again.

In the 90th he made to himself as a House-Trance-Techno-DJ a name and deviated since then seldom from this style. His put on-style makes him so particularly. He has to generate the talent definite moods with the music. His kind to mixes and his breaks, the choice of the titles make him unique. Also his voice and his presentations / animations are something quite special.

Even if Axel was on the move successfully as a DJ to compose his intensive passion, he never surrendered. Meanwhile more than 300 ready tracks have originated as well as many Remixes.

By the way, DJ AXEL F. is NOT the CRAZY FROG. He said: “Well, sometimes I’m crazy, but I’m not the Crazy Frog …”

His pseudonym and his about from positive call hurry ahead of him very far. It is no miracle that he is liked by his contact happiness and public nearness also in Africa, South America, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, the USA, Canada etc. so and his fans want to experience worldwide “DJ Axel F.”, finally, sometimes LIVE ON STAGE.

His actually DJ-Set includes House, ClubSound, Electro, Minimal, Trance, Techno, Handz Up, Jumpstyle, Latino- & African Dance and Freestyle.

Since the 90ies he completed a full Album. Now his releases will published limited in a Mega-Collection-Box by his Record-Label: SPOK-MEDIA RECORDS.

Now he is working as a:




26 Years of Musician & DJ & Radio Experiences

over 3000 Bookings worldwide

over 150 Resident-DJ-Jobs

Festivals, Parades, Event-Shows

Cooperations with other Producers, DJ’s, Company’s worldwide

Own Recording Label: SPOK-Media Records

Ex-Owner of Discothek Amadeus (Near Schweinfurt/Germany)

Ex-Manager of MIAMI-Parks Disco Club Hildburghausen & 5 Others in Germany


Axel F.