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avus is the German-motor-racing-inspired pseudonym of choice of Scott Edwards, an accomplished DJ, critically-endorsed producer and Acid House obsessive from Milton Keynes who to date has notched up a considerable tally of releases on a respectable array of tech-flavoured labels that includes Klang Elektronik, Perc Trax, Poodle and of course the good ship Border Community.avus can count himself as one of the Border Communtiy label’s founding fathers, pledging his allegiance to the cause as early as release number four (the low-slung bassline action of ‘Real’), giving further substance to his declaration with 2007’s deliciously raw spinetingler ‘Furry Hat’, before finally returning to the cuddly community where it all began to deliver the self-assured Moog-soaked joy of his anthemic ‘Poppy EP’.

avus is also an accomplished DJ with a lengthy UK club pedigree that stretches back to his university days, after his childhood indoctrination into Krautrock at the hands of his trainspotter father morphed into a teenage DJ career playing “Detroit techno, London techhouse, West Coast US grooves, electro, deep house and most importantly all things Acid” to crowds across the south of England (including a Saturday evening radio show on Oxford’s Oxygen FM). The modern day incarnation of the avus sound is a sophisticated compound of deep house, techno and acid, where hooky basslines meet a well-judged smattering of melody and an insistent recurring 303 motif, which so far has taken him across Europe and onwards to Japan and Mexico as well as enabling him to tick off a lifetime ambition of a residency at London’s much-missed The End (at their quarterly Border Community nights) along the way.

Living legend and tastemaker extraordinaire Kieran Hebden (of Four Tet fame) is the latest confirmed avus fan to come out of the woodwork, recently inviting him to add his own brand of laidback deep house sparkle to the angelic vocals of One Little Plane’s ‘Lotus Flower’ for Hebden’s own Text label. And the avus ranks continue to swell as the viral success of the infectious ‘Poppy’ leads him onwards to further little DJing adventures across the globe, adding post-rock geniuses Vessels and Traum Schallplatten to his remix tally along the way…


avus – A dark purpose – Midset recordings

avus – Real – Border Community

avus – Your Body – Poodle

avus – Breeder Of Psychosis – Poodle

avus – Fancy A – Perctrax

avus – Tear – Klang Elektronik

avus – Tapeworm E.P. – Perctrax

avus – Furry Hat/SPNKR – Border Community

avus – Boite Diabolique – Stolen Moments

avus – Roots Charger e.p. – Elefant

avus – Approach with a Smile – Manual

avus – Wanking for Coins (on Pots and Pans e.p.) – Perctrax

avus – They Will Come/Nonse Sense – Phobic

avus – Poppy e.p. – Border Community

avus – Staring Into One Eye e.p. – Shabu(out 20th December)


James Holden 14u (avus one for the heads mix) exclusive to Global Underground 22 Vinyl – Boxed

James Holden 14u (avus one for the DJ’s mix) exclusive to Global Underground 22 CD- Boxed

Perc – Splashy (avus Splashed remix) – Perctrax

Rob Acid – Stars (avus remix) – Barbarella

Jesse Somfay – Cygnus Wreath (avus remix) – Manual Music

Russian Linesman – Bratislava Story(avus remix) – Undercut

Roberto Clementi – Orko(avus remix) – Stolen Moments

One Little Plane – Lotus Flower(avus she’s singing remix) – Text

Vessells – Meatman(avus minty lamb mix) – Cockundoo

Axel Helios – Sleeping on an igloo (Avus remix) – Shabu Records

Axel Helios – Sleeping on an igloo (Avus acid remix) – Shabu Records

Max Cooper – Gravity’s Rainbow (avus remix) – Traum