Top 25k on The DJ List

Avrum Gold

Montreal, Canada

Breaks, House


There is a beat in the air that has yet to break the sound barrier. A beat that exists between the World in his mind and the single, throbbing pulse of the hundreds poised before him. In this moment where the breath of a unified crowd comes together in anticipation, there is a heavens gate and when that beat shatters the threshold, there will be euphoria.

In Avrum Gold there is a laid back confidence that comes with knowing his craft, his ability, and himself. A fixture in the Edmonton club scene, Avrum has broken barriers, and has erased any doubt as to his own talent. The past five years have more then made up for his self described ‘procrastination’ that took more then fifteen years while he forged different paths for himself. From local events and several residencies in Edmonton to National notoriety from his peers in a relatively short amount of time, Avrum Gold is set to find more then just his groove in the National and International scene.

From the time Avrum was young, music was key. From playing the drums to writing lyrics Avrum has always had music in his life. It wasn’t until the last five years that Avrum’s professional life was dominated by music; his background is in photography, and the world of modeling. From his start as a photographer for Topaz Modeling Studio’s to his own modeling agency Studio One, the music scene always found a way to infiltrate his life. His life-long obsession with music and the experience of truly listening to the rhythm and beat started with his father who has an extensive record collection and who played the drums. Not to mention an accident where he cut open his eye at the age of fourteen, where Gold had 13 painful operations, which gave him a sort of meditative awakening as to his own place in life. This philosophy has transcended to his music. All of which contribute to Gold’s musical influences, which have a truly eclectic feel, ranging from Miles Davis to Z-Trip, U2 to Danny Tenaglia, Sugar Hill Gang to PVD?! These are artists that know that the performance comes from talent. That once you reach your perfection, the art of the performance will come. Avrum Gold has takes his own breed of talent and fused it with his spiritual obsession with music to make a truly harmonious ‘oldskool’ sound.

Avrum has performed most Edmonton venues such as Sublime, Therapy, Gspot, Studio 1, Decadence, Twilight, Dante’s, and more. His “Funky Jedi” mix was #1 on the website with almost 1000 downloads after only 14 months of DJing. It was voted a 9.7/10 rating, higher than the Toronto and Montreal veteran DJ’s on the site. In Ottawa Avrum had a summer residency at a club called Tantra and has played in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and loads of places in between, playing for hundreds, and sometimes several thousands. The local media has also had their eye on Avrum, with a full page article in a local mag, as well as CFRN and A-Channel TV. Both stations came down to do stories on a night Avrum was playing, and then Avrum was asked to play live on the A-Channel’s ‘Wired’ entertainment program. Avrum has had a weekly show on Wednesdays 1-4:20am for the past 4 years on CJSR 88.5FM Smooth Radio.

Being involved with prominent events such as Nexus, Shamabhala, Night of the Artists, and most recently The Smirnoff Vinyl Warriors competition where Gold played alongside Roger Sanchez and was voted one of Canada’s top 3 DJ’s, here is a sample of what the judges had to say about Avrum:


Damon Zwirn

Subliminal Records – New York

‘Avrum Gold’ is a solid house DJ dropping new and classic hits. He had good flow to keep the crowd excited and dancing. Mixing was solid and very fluid and he pretty much kept my interest from beginning to end.



Nick Oliver

Revolution Records – Halifax

The DJ (Avrum) really did attempt to set himself apart with an original track list…" "…I liked the unexpected as I listened to this mix.’



Jim Welch

2012 – New York

Nice mix of underground and familiar.’



Mark Oliver

Guvernment – Toronto

“…His mixing style is interesting…” “…He has good taste in music, creates a good vibe and is original…”



With comments like these, and skill to match, Gold has cemented himself in the national community.

Avrum Gold has always ventured to find himself the next challenge, the next venue that will allow him to grow as a DJ. As he has his eyes set on the Toronto and Montreal scene he is also looking further to the horizon into the global community, for inspiration, as well as opportunity.