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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Psy-Trance, Trance


Alan Nicolas Stegman born on the 28th of may of 1982, known as Avisman has a connection with electronic music since his was a little child listening to Depeche mode, New Order, Front, Erasure and others but as the time passed by he got into it by Techno and Trance.

He started his career as a DJ in 1998 mixing Techno and Trance with his mate Alejandro Navone. In 2000 they separate and he starts to “prick” individually in social and private events in bars, pubs, clubs, etc; something that he keeps on doing now a days with his company ANS Productions (Integral Events Producer).

At the same time his love for electronic music was always alive, playing at parties y birthdays; Trance, Progressive Trance and even Hard Trance; being also at massive and underground events.

In 2002 he gets to know Psychedelic Trance and a new feeling begins to grow inside him to this new style. In 2004 part from the birth of his first child and some personal trouble, his friends convinced him to get further, a little more professional, so they started organizing small events always playing trance on the first place. On March of 2005, after Euphoria, where he played a set of more than five hours, for almost twice the number of people expected he decides to explore a few more about Psychedelic Trance, first in a little dark way, with Dark Full On, just to get closer to the actual Full On, Full On Morning ans Progressive.

In 2006 his second child was born, and now with another point of view about life and spirit he gets to follow another road, producing with the support of Underbeat, Dancing Budhas and Fethe the “International Psychedelic Live Acts”, event in which appeared Darkpsy (Portugal), Sirius Isness (France) and closing Avisman (Argentina). At this moment he has new projects and is looking for different horizons.

He shared cabs with Penta (Russia), Sirius Isness (Francia), The Antidote (Francia), DarkPsy (Portugal), P.A.N. (Grecia), Txema (Ibiza), Megalopsy, Frantic Noise, Neurona, M3nos, Pepsan, Mosley, Pandy, Moksha, Towlee, Madbit, D-Mension, Skyloops, G-Netiq, Deathmind, and others. (Playing back to back with most of them).

Playing in events such as International Psychedelic Live Acts, Psychedelic Outdoor Experience, Psy-X, Full Moon Psy Outdoor Festival, Dancing Budhas, AfterHourPower, ElektroBaires, After Enter-Trance, Euphoria Goa Night, Namaste, and others.

His Psychedelic Trance is filled with varieties, vibration, light and darkness, guitars and melodies, but he never lets aside the essencial… The Dancing, the vibration and the connection…