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Aven is Dj Lemon of Norway featuring different vocalists on the productions. Starting his DJ carreer in the age of 17. Getting music into everything from early childhood. Inspired by the big shows in the 70s by Kiss, he soon made his own show on Earth by Buying Norway`s biggest party concept Hyperstate from Dub the universe in 1999. At that time Scandinavia`s biggest electro festival. He made it into a Concept like sensation is today. With djs only. Before this he had Done more than 50 parties on Rockefeller music hall in Oslo with Temple of love, and been booking man for the student hous in oslo Chateu Neuf. A concert scene for aproximetly 1800 people. He started to make techno parties in 1992.

In High school he got the english teacher to use music as a part of the eduction so we could all learn good English the easy way. Writing down songs like Sting`s “the Russians” was homework in the age of 14. When he was 17 he was a regular on town already and when the most important indie place had to shut down, he took initiatiav an brought that music to a new club. He had started climbing the ladder.

He promoted concerts with indie bands, and have had many known names on the bill before they got big. Amongst the Suede which he did for Oslo student festival. After challenging the biggest Student festival in Norway, at that time out of Oslo, it seemed natural for him to bring the biggest festival to Oslo-Da capitol of Norway. And they did in a funny way. The 2 festival comitees had radio show with Quiz and made music and joy. (Inge also worked for norwegian broadcasting 3 years as Dj Lemon).

He also went the other city`s festival once which had Cypress Hill as headliner, ending up in the bus with them for the private after party. Tequila style off course ;-)

He simply just gets along with music people, no matter what genre.

In 2001 he was wrongly diagnosed cancer by doctors. He had to throw in the towel for a while, and left the party scene. But started to produce music while the doctors was examining to find out what it was. They gave no alternatives than cancer to begin with. It showed later to be sarkoidois. Not something you want for Xmas, but liveable. 9 weeks of hell. Today Inge is alive, well and kicking.

Out of hospital, He got in contact with Ida who delivered the vocals on the first 2 Aven releases. With the help of Ferry Corsten they finished “all I wanna do” in 2003. On Inge`s birtday. With Vidar Nord-Planet Nord as partner producer. Vidar is the king of pop in Norway in Inge`s e & e, and expect more remixes on future releases.

In 2004 he felt to go harder and started making me fall on his own. After getting the remix from Ferry Corsten on “all I wanna do” he knew which direction it would go with Aven.

It was too soon to make it on his own with making me fall and he got help by young Prodigy Einar K. Released in 2005. Singing on the Surrounded by your love with dj shog is not his only party in Aven-or Lemon for that sake for Einar.. He is Inge`s studio partner and together they are Ying and Yang. Complete.

Ida is now pregnant and have chosen another musical direction. Aven wish her good luck. With new vocalist Tin Tin and more Norwegian talents coming up, Aven is secure that the future looks brighter than ever.

Gammarey is another more techno side of Inge also coming soon, and to be heard on this site. Chinese boxing. It`s Inge & and another Inge-starting with Sebastion R Komor (now producing for alphaville) as Seb Lemon. It soon became gammarey-Inge Clausen`s eye-see through everything. Initiatated by Inge N and Seb financed by Inge J Clausen.

Clausen also helped in on the finalisation with David West in Stockholm, and helped inge get well with no medicines from his illness. He was Inge`s mentor in mental health and took him on expeditions with indeginous people as well as giving all the medical help the Norwegian healthcare couldn`t offer. With new knowledge.

Training Kung Fuu is also a part of Aven getting back on the scene full on.

Watch out for My Saviour with a new vocalist coming soon from a label in Holland the cryb of trance, as well as asian inspired trance/technopunk like never heard before

It is dedicated to all good people that brought me back to life with music-Joy and dance-Inge