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Avalon Emerson

San Francisco, United States

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Avalon Emerson is a producer and DJ based in San Francisco. Though she currently spends her days working as a software engineer (and previously paid the bills as a fashion photographer), it’s her talent for music making that caught the attention of the ICEE HOT crew. Granted, Avalon has pretty much been a regular on the ICEE HOT dancefloor since the party began, although her involvement in the city’s club scene certainly didn’t stop there. Some of her first DJ gigs took place at clandestine warehouse parties—which Avalon herself often had a hand in throwing—and she’s recently started up a new monthly called Play It Cool with a few of her closest confidantes.

Like most artists, Avalon’s tastes aren’t limited to one particular corner of the electronic sphere, although her own music does reflect the passion of American house, the mentality of underground techno, and the playfulness of Belgian new beat. “Pressure”/“Quoi!” is her official debut 12", and will soon be followed by more dispatches from this promising young talent.