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Detroit, United States

Hip-Hop, Techno

Cosmic Disco Records
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Summer of 1998, DJ Adjust founded Low Res Records, Detroit’s first hardcore industrial and experimental breakbeat techno record label. The debut release of the 3 track ‘The Equinauts’ EP (LOW 001) on 12" vinyl cemented the foolish idea into a reality summer of 1998. Somehow managing to swindle a small handful of distributors, specifically Recordtime, Soundbase, and Freeclouds, into procuring the next string of records to guarantee continued senseless abuse.

Adjust and the Low Res team are responsible for throwing the city’s first hardcore techno parties at the legendary Gold Dollar in the Cass Corridor (1998-1999). Later, the Low Res “Armchair Vacation” series of parties at Third Street Saloon (2001-2002) were responsible for bringing rogue posses of national and international hardcore, IDM, industrial and DNB artists to Detroit for the very first time.

Accompanying his so-called busy schedule as a label owner and promoter, Adjust’s work as a producer/remixer has appeared on Genosha Records (Netherlands), Eupholus Records (Ann Arbor), Holding Company Inc (L.A.), Murder Records (Berlin), Multigroove Records (Netherlands), and The Wall (Belgium). Adjust was also a member/producer on the elusive Detroit electro record label VMAX in the mid-1990’s.

Additionally, DJ Adjust has over fifteen years of DJ-ing around the U.S. under his belt, and has made appearances on the Lollapalooza second stage multiple times, played with Juan Atkins on the URB magazine tour, and shared the stage with Green Velvet, Bad Boy Bill, Kevin Saunderson, Roy Davis Jr., Terrence Parker, drum and bass kings Optical and Lemon D. In fact, rumor has it the Low Res record label was started with cash pulled from spinning house music opening for Little Louie Vega and Tony Humphries.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, Adjust’s live set is guaranteed to devastate the soundsystem with his personalized style of trenchcoat funk and heavy industrial breaks.