Aurelius Beatport


Aurelius started spinning in 1993 after he started going to the Coliseum in Daytona Beach. He started liking particular songs and sounds but could not find them on CD. Down to the store he went, and bought a Technic turntable and some vinyl, and the passion inside him was ignited. He started mixing vinyl with CD’s and a DJ from Coliseum was passing through the dormitory he lived in while attending college, and heard what he was doing. He invited him to throw a couple records in and he was on his way. When he came to Miami from Orlando, Bruce Wilcox at the Edge was a must!! He began hunting down clubs that specialized in house. In doing so, ran into some cats that were down with George Acosta. They had an arrangement to play at his place, Jessie’s, on Thursdays. One night while standing next to the booth watching the DJ when he saw him crouch down. He asked him if he was alright but he was not feeling well. He ended finishing the night for him. Two years later he ran into that same DJ and his friends and they remembered that night and how much they liked his sound. It turns out theses guys were the founders of Culture Promotions. So he started playing for those guys. Then he was invited to play on UM’s 90x by DJ Stryke who heard him mixing live in the historical Y and T record store on Miami beach. Having listened to so many hours of music he has a strong emotional connection to chord progressions and sounds and have a good understanding of which chords go with which kinds of emotions. He’s also taught himself to read music and play the piano, studies a little music theory from time to time. Therefore bringing the ultimate understanding of logic, frequency, and harmony to his music. Major Influences have been Stryke, D-Xtreme, Stylus, Bruce Wilcox, Kimball Collins, Icey Deep Dish, Cliff Tangredi, Apollo, Luis Diaz. Having played at Barbarellas, UV, Jessie?s, Marsbar, 107.1 the Womb, 90.5 UM Radio, Zonkers, Coliseum, Salvation, and house parties across Florida keep watch for his upcoming events across South Florida and be prepared for a sound explosion on the dance floor!