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Aum Project

Barcelona, Spain


Dropland Recordings
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From about 4 years ago, this 25 years young talented guy from Barcelona, started to make psy-trance music. He was making another genre before and he released 1 E.P. and 2 tracks in different compilations, his experience is long. He joined Muskaria crew in 2003, and since then he hasn’t stopped producing psy-trance, live-acts and djing. He is proud to say he is, probably, the most active Spanish psy-trance live act, nowadays. He has played a lot of times on Barcelona, also, in Madrid, Ibiza and San Sebastian. Aum Project has played with international artists such as Earthling (Spun Records, Ibiza), Pan Papason (Etnicanet, Gre), Absolum (3dvision, Fra), Txema Pastor (Harmonia Rec, Ibiza), Sum Sindhu (Unlogic, Spa), Hands & Nanuk (Muskaria, Spa) and many more. Germn has released one album (Aum Project – The Site Of Acid Aums [Evil Records, 2007]), two EP’s (Aum Project – Angel Hundu & Aum Project – Take U [Evil Records, 2007])and two tracks working together with artists like Insomnia and Digital Tribe, both from Israel, on Magma Records (Italy). You will be able to listen to new releases soon!