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Germany, Lithuania

Tech House

Damm, Kol Mojito Records, M.M.A.D.
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Like many others André Lehmann was infected with electronic music of the early 90’s. DJ Hell’s record “Der Totmacher” was the cornerstone to some full shelves and the fun of playing records. In Schwerin clubs

like Polyester or Café Amsterdam he did his first sets, and later he ran the decks of the legendary Keramik and Stahlwerk with celebrities like Claus Bachour and Allen Ellien. It was then, when he started producing his first tracks and experimented with Drum’n Bass, House and Techno.

In the beginning of 2000 he founded the dj-team Audiopunkz with Mirko Aurich, who he would do his first live-performances with and play in clubs and on events in all North Germany. With Audiopunkz André

Lehmann wanted to reflect his idea of electronic sounds. His first track “Kleine Sandplatzmusik”, which he had produced with Volker Wagner, was released on Pearldiver-Records. Another coloboration was the track “Nightingale” for the label Major Digital.

When André Lehmann was asked a remix of “Trollfloejten” by Swedish producer Håkan Ludvigson, his musical career began picking up. He founded his own label for his production „Coexistence Recordings“ and

released the EP „Secret Transmission“, which became a peaktime hit of cutting edge club “Salon Roter Oktober”.

This sound also came to the attention of the label Damm-Records. It released his track „Preatending“, which hit the Raveline magazine and was mixed by Ellen Allien for the Watergate Mix CD 5.

His debut EP on Damm-Records “Full Reset” with its broad bass lines climbed to the top ranks of the record stores and was discovered by Italian dj and radio presenter Alessandro Schiffer. He featured the disc in his programme and in clubs in Italy.

By now André Lehmann has become a regular Damm-Records artist and puzzles remixes for Stativ Connection, tonKombinat und Funk Syndikat and others. As a producer for other projects and artists, or under pseudonyms he managed to drop his productions amongst the top 10 of renowned record stores.

His tracks are played by artists like Stephan Bodzin, The Advent, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ascii Disco, Andre Kronert, AKA AKA, Sascha Kösch aka bleed or Ellen Allien.