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My real name is Jochem J. Hamerling, I was on born on March 17, 1986 in a little village/city called Vianen near Utrecht which is in the Netherlands. My whole family is very much into music so it all started for me when I was very young. When I was about 8 years old my dad bought me a Saxophone. I also played a lot on his synthesiser and piano. In the first class of high school I discovered dance music. I started playing my cd?s at little parties and produced dance-ish music. With some friends I started a drive in show called Ready For Take Off, we did parties together for a couple of years. It did not go very fast production wise. I still made all my tracks on one synthesiser and did not use any software. When I was 17 I went to Chicago, I have lived there for a year and learned a lot about the American culture and especially about the Chicago house. I have seen dj?s like Paul Johnson, Sneak and Derrick Carter. This changed my view on music a lot. After my year in the states I started to sent demo?s to clubs and I joined a couple of Dj Contest. I also got some nice radio deals. Then came ID&T with the Trance Energy masterclass, they selected me as one of the 10 ?Trance talents? to join the masterclass. I learned a lot that day from people like M.I.K.E, Cor Fijneman and more. That night I did a back2back set with Mark Norman. I have a residency at Sensegenerate.Fm and a clubnight called Beatclub. Right now I am working hard on new tracks and there are a lot of other cool things coming up.