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Zürich, Switzerland


e-junkies Recordings, GON Records
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The dj team Audionatica consists of brothers Sandro and Marco Junker. Both have been in the electronic music scene for many years. They started off as a DJs in the late 90s. Through constant practice until present day down in their cellar, they have achieved a level which lets the public know how much they love electronic music. They truly know how to put the perfect set in place with fantastic mixing skills and bring their listeners on a journey through their music, and have people dancing until the very end. Marco, the younger of the two, started producing electronic music in 2004. He has spent many long nights playing and exploring Synthesizers, drum machines and other tools, has reached a fantastic level of expertise, and is fully capable of keeping up with the international standards set up by the music industry as a whole. Sandro has decided to take over the managerial role of the business, and for this reason he has been attending the Ebam-School in Zurich, learning all there is to know about the Music Industry.

Audionatica released their first production on 12 May in 2008, named “Fruhlingserwachen” through their own label: Junkies Recordings. In August Audionatica made 2 Remixes for the Blank & Jones new album “California Sunset”. “Mystic Road” is the 3rd Release of Audionatica, and was released in September.

After this, many more will follow. Through these many positive points having been discussed, Audionatica will certainly find their way into the international scene and is definitely a name to look out for.