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Wiesbaden, Germany


Black Circus, Brachial Kontakt, Stabil.
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After both having performed as DJs and Artists in many different genres since they were 15, in early 2011 the two now 18 and 20 year old friends Dennis and Lucas discovered their shared passion for dark, driving techno. They decided to join forces and work together as a duo – Audiomotor was born.

Soon first bookings followed and it became clear that they perfectly complimented each other. They received a lot of good feedback which encouraged them to continue their efforts and only after a few months they got the chance to play at clubs such as “Palazzo” and “U60311”.

But after a while, playing the music they loved so much wasn’t enough for them anymore . They also wanted to contribute to their beloved scene. So they started trying to realize their own vision of how techno should sound like: A fusion of ground-shaking bass that would leave no one sitting at the bar and well thought out, detailed atmospheres that seem to come straight out of hell. Techno, both for the legs and the brain.

After months of excessive knob-turning, recording and experimenting, their tracks finally started to match the quality they were aiming for and the Two Friends were proud to announce their first release in the fall of 2012 on the young and uprising underground techno label “Brachial Kontakt”.

No matter what the future might hold or not hold for them, Audiomotor will always stick to their philosophy that drives them to the dancefloor, the DJ booth and the studio:

By the underground – for the underground. 100% Techno. Passionately.