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Make, play and listen to music for jokes. MW3 expert for the job.


“There is so much AudioFun brings to the table . . . this clash of sounds is certainly working” – Electric Zoo

“It is crazy the different sounds and influences you can hear between the songs, I expect the future to be exciting.” – Funkism

“Audiofun, the perfect tool for DJ’s who want to destroy the dancefloor” –

“Bass heavy, filled with deLicious splices and 4 to the floor beats, these next tracks will fuck up your punters and have them convulsing for more.” – Sex 4 Ears

“AudioFun give what’s promised, fun and lots of it, the banging party is just an awesome extra. Dance!” – Panoramix

“They’re certainly dancefloor killers, waves of bass will peel off wall paper and rip up carpet/tiles as crowds of people go crazy” – Fudgin’ Blog

“AudioFun is producing some seriously good dance music” – Scottish Friction Blog

“Don’t get left behind, get stuck into some AUDIOFUN” –