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Chill Out, Techno

Code2 Records, Decksharks, Domina Productions
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When he was just 10 years old “little Henry“ discovered the sound of electronic music… It all started when my cousin put a tape of Depeche Mode (a broken frame) into the tape deck. My love to DM should never end! When in 1990 the second Love Parade took place, I was stunned by the power of music which made 500 people dance and party. This was my sound! I spent my teenage years in Clubs like E-Werk, Bunker, Planet and Walfisch…wonderful clubs in Berlin which – unfortunately – partly do not exist anymore. My interest in electronic music soon became a passion which it is until today. Each track begins deep in my mind with a simple “click” – I hear it and just let it flow through my head, my ears and my hands. I hope that you will also find your own story and your own pictures with my music! Enjoy!