Audio1 Beatport


Bay Area heavyweight AUDIO1 has been holding down Hip-Hop and Drum&Bass since 1996, and was a co-founder of the widely acclaimed site which broadcast Hip-Hop 24/7 across the globe. He is currently an official member of the N20 DJ roster which includes top profile artists such as DJ Starscream of Slipknot, General Malice and legendary jungle DJ R.A.W.

In an age when hip hop has turned into hip-pop, Audio1 digs deep in the crates to take you to the roots & soul of the Hip-Hop culture, from east to west, north to south, 1979-2005. Every mix by Audio1 gives the listener an eclectic mix of classics old and new, along with b-sides, exclusives, and old skool breaks blended to perfection with shaolin b-boy techniques.

While his roots are in Hip-Hop, Audio1 is more well known as one of the top jungle DJs on the West Coast. He combines precise cuts, scratches, and beat juggling with fast paced mixing to keep the crowd moving and coming back for more. His tightly mixed sets cover diverse styles from ragga and hardstep amens to grinding techstep with a healthy dose of futuristic b-boy styles thrown in for good measure.

Currently, Audio1 is playing events in and around the Bay Area and the West Coast. He is constantly working on mix releases and has recently started working on production. His latest venture, Rhymes & Beats, is about to launch him back into the 24/7 online Hip-Hop realm, continuing the Skratchlab legacy into 2005 and beyond.