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“leave your day up to music, not the music up to your day”

Says a 21 years old Dj/Producer from Bay Area, CA who feels always ready for unique projects. For Aubteen producing has never been a thing to learn how to do or go to school for but a career where he believes successful ones will succeed by their own talents where it has to come naturally without a force but push to become better everyday.

Aubteen started bringing down his ideas to sounds enough of 8 years of being in Hiphop industry but finally it was time to change it up a little bit.. More like a lot.

Inspiration isn’t something to be defined as a constant and routinely thing. For him, its all about the ideas that pops up in his head and some how he explode them on bunch of notes right away, no matter where he is or what he’s doing. So far he has done a few remixes and original mixes but his future plan is to be signed by a label, start working on his first album and not wait another minute for all the dreams to come true.