Atma Beatport


Gerry first made the transition from banging his basement to moving crowds everywhere in 1999 with a guest appearance at Space in his hometown of Philadelphia. His skills and selection were so impressive that his guest spot quickly became a residency. From that point on there has been no stopping the DJ Atma.

The exposure he gained through his residency at Space, alongside the success of

mixtape releases such as Opposition, Subculture, and Tribal Verb vol. II (featuring MC Foxy), helped catapult Atma to the upper echelon of the Philly D & B scene. He has rinsed out all of the top weekly and one-off drum & bass events in Philadelphia including one of the most well respected and well known weekly D & B events in the nation, DSL’s “Platinum”. But his credits do not end there.

Atma has moved onward and upward traveling as far as L.A. and making many stops in between to spread the message of Drum & Bass music and culture. He has shared stages with some of the world’s top DJ’ and producers such as Mampi Swift, Randall, Hype, Kenny Ken, SS, Dieselboy, and Craze just to name a few. He has had the pleasure of being joined by MC’ such as Foxy, Fatman D, and Philly’s own J. Messinian, not only live onstage, but on mixtapes and CD’ as well.

Atma and the people around him attribute his success not only to his rock solid mixing skills, but also to the flavor he brings to the plate with his unique selection and his lust for those tracks that just make you move your body, From old school ragga anthems to rinsed out amen breaks, from funky grooves to the hardcore darkness, Atma has no fear and can switch styles at anytime to constantly raise the energy level of any party and keep the crowd fiending for more.