Born in 1978, DJ Athelon's mission from the start was to be a part of International Trance Music scene as a Trance DJ and also become more known in the local media as well.... read more
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Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Genre: Trance

Born in 1978, DJ Athelon’s mission from the start was to be a part of International Trance Music scene as a Trance DJ and also become more known in the local media as well. Around 6 years ago from now, produced first electronic music album but it was not released officially due to the lack of awareness among people and also in the local music industry. So for these reason those compilations were distributed among close local friends, so that they should also know about trance music as it was something new for them which they really liked at that time.

Before that, he had a rock band and used to be lead guitarist. The passion of music brought him into the scene back from 1993 when he learned how to play guitars and with the passage of time got used to know the electronic keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and much more. Also played in various concerts back at that time, which were also published in media and newspapers, got to know different people and major musicians of the local music industry. With the passage of time, the passion of electronic music drove him crazy and started experiencing dance beats along with rock music with 2 bands in which 1 was his own, but due to unavailability of the rest of the people in the band they all broke up and Athelon on his own started working on electronic dance music.

Even due to lack of support from all ends, he somehow managed to produce his first album back in 2003 but was distributed locally among friends. The passion of electronic dance music didn’t refuse to let him down and continued to work on new tunes with the passage of time.

Finally back in 2008 started working back on mixing up tunes when he met different DJs in Dubai who were playing different genres of music in various clubs. With influence of different big names in trance music industry and support of different friends and DJs (local and international), he finally made a decision to show his endowment to the world of trance music by producing a monthly episode of “TRANCEFORMATION” back in 2009 which is successfully going on so far and liked by various trance communities around the globe.

Having won trust of his fans and supports around the world, Athelon intends

to give the trance community the best in trance music and leave everyone’s mind with an inspirational mark as a terrific trance DJ.

“For all the listeners, fans, followers and supporters from around the world, it’s just the start of a never ending journey of ‘TRANCEFORMATION’ with various flavors of trance to come in future with passage of time and give all of you guys the best from around the world.”

Happy Listening to Trance music and shaking your head. Keep Smiling Everyone & Love to All.

DJ Athelon