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AstroPilot is a space electronic / progressive music project.

Dmitriy Redko is the name behind AstroPilot.

AstroPilot has been working with sound since 2000.

Dmitriy has released 9 albums and 4 singles; he also has in his discography more than 30 compilations with his tracks released worldwide on various labels.

He is one of the leading and most traveled artists from Russian and Ukrainian psychedelic scene.

AstroPilot plays at many international festivals, outdoors and indoors events in Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Greece, France, Portugal, Israel, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belorussia.

AstroPilot’s music style ranges from deep space ambient to atmospheric uptempo.

Since 2010 music from this project has been used in the famous iPhone/iPad/iPod apps ‘Solar Walk’ and ‘Star Walk’.

In 2012, Dmitriy moved to Kiev and made a series of successful audio-visual shows with ambient music and fulldome technologies.

More info about the AstroPilot360 project can be found at

In 2013-2014 AstroPilot made original space ambient soundtrack for Event Horizon, a full-dome real-time environment with objects from our Solar System and Universe.

Dmitriy has another alias, Manifestor, for more dance floor oriented music.

Since early releases Manifestor has been supported by global electronic legend John 00 Fleming.