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Dj Astada was born On December 5th 1984 in Chisinau, Moldova into a very artistic family, of Director Alexandru Grecu and actress Maria Grecu, where music was always lingering through the house. The love and passion for music was not acquired by him, but rather embodied within. Receiving a piano from his father for his sixth birthday was one of the most defining moments of his life, because now he was given the opportunity not only love music, but rather create and share that music with others. Furthermore, his strive to entertain has been very prominent from early stages of his life. For DJ Astada music was, still is and always will be an immense part of his life.

The monumental moment of self-realization and birth of DJ Astada was at the age of 15, at a small club filled with 150 people, no fancy equipment but two cassette decks and a portable boom box for cueing the tracks. At the age of 16 he started producing and recording his own music. He formed a band called Alb Negru which was a tremendous success in Moldova, with numerous national television appearances including the TV Morning Show, Late Night Radio Show, and newspapers publicity. Less than a decade later, in 2009, DJ Astada was awarded Best Music Award for Theatrical show “Made in Moldova” at the Ion Luca Caragiale Satiricus.

Upon his arrival to New York City at the age of 19, DJ Astada began picking up momentum and recognition. Entering the club scene was natural for him, and working side by side with world class djs transcended his beats to a different realm which now were completely captivating. The vibes of legends such as Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderon, Jonathan Peters, Boris, in acclaimed places like Sound Factory and Avalon perfected and transformed his music, and perhaps even gave it a definition which can now be associated with his name, House.

Since November 2005, he has played in numerous clubs such as: Pacha NYC, Pink Elephant, Greenhouse, Cain, Crimson, Suzie Wongs, Guest House, Gansvoort, Empire Hotel, Moomia, Rasputin, OPM, Avion, Living Room (2 years Residency), NY Underground, GQ, Miami Lounge, Roam, Club Passion (Current Saturdays’ Residency), Monaco, Fusion, Pi Square, The VUE, Dance Planet (Moldova), Nightown Destin (Florida). Further he has hosted numerous boat parties.

The instantaneous connection between DJ Astada and the crowd cannot be described, but can be only felt on the dance floor. Immerse yourselves in the beat which has no boundaries, no rules, no limits, except you, the dance floor, and the one and only DJ Astada.