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ASSAULT SYSTEMS, DJ DANNY P found his love for music way back in the late 80,s when he was just a young lad. with his parents and family being massive music lovers, music w... read more
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ASSAULT SYSTEMS, DJ DANNY P found his love for music way back in the late 80,s when he was just a young lad. with his parents and family being massive music lovers, music was all around him. he grew up listening to blues, motown, cajun music. you name it, he loved it. it was never just about how the music sounded. it was the whole thing, the sounds, the performances. seeing famous musicians on tv and wanting to be one yourself. as danny grew his love for music grew massively. at the age of 13 danny found his love for the world of electronic and dance music, it was then when i brought my first set of turntables, and thats where the dj,ing started. danny had a friend who owned a record selling buisness/shop so buying good tunes was easy. he started of playing house music up untill he was about 17 and thats when he visited his first club night and found his love for a more harder style growing. hitting the age of 18 danny was into all kinds of music by now, his favourate being techno and techouse. so he started playing and collecting all styles of techno. having contacts from a young age made it possable to get his music across to lots of people. he entered a few dj competitions coming second place in 1 of them. through doing these comps etc, danny managed to get a few gigs in portsmouth witch led to quite a few more. before he knew it he had more gigs, and quite a following crowd of techno passionate people and getting quite a name for himself. by now he was playing even bigger clubs around the south coast. danny spun his sounds at places like enzo,s in salisbury, eclat in bournemouth, the pier in portsmouth and many private and illigal raves all over the place. danny in his later dj,ing years played alongside the likes of world class dj,s such dave the drummer, chris liberator, julian liberator, trevor rockliffe, nills hess and many other fine dj,s. he carried on dj,ing right up until the age of 23, and thats when he brought his first synth. immidiately danny fell in love with the concept of making electronic music and how is was born in the same years as him. he started buying lots of equipment not really knowing how it worked but he knew what it was and wanted to make music with it. dj danny p aka assault systems started to create his own productions and continues to work on his music. over the past few years dj dannyp has played many big events including global gathering, ministry of sound in london and also played a few clubs in ibiza. dj danny p was a resident dj for punchfunk records and now also has resident slots for night tribal medicene and also dj,s for a big south coast collective of nights including amplified sessions, indigo and techno therapy. dj danny p is also now playing live sets with his own productions. dj danny p aka assault systems continues to work hard at his dj,ing and producing. dj danny p loves to bring fresh unheard music to the public ears and has a passion for showcasing unheard talent.


Assault Systems