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he was born on the 21st of Nov ‘80, IN Dubai lived there for fourteen years and at the age of 15 we moved to Egypt, Alexandria.


His dad, back then was a football trainer, he wasn’t really into music and his mother was a schoolteacher she was listening to all usual stuff like everyone. As I remember he was really into music at a very early age.


It all started year 2001 when he went with one of his friends back home to a house party that he was spinning in (wow) was his first word when he saw him mixing his tunes and every one was jumping on the music this is when he said to him self that’s what he have been looking for to do as he loved music so much, straight after the house party he told his friend that he wants to start djing as well, he started buying Records and chasing down imports finding someone that was going into Europe specially London to grab them for him, he was always trying to find stuff that other didn’t have, after a short time when he started mixing he asked his friend to try to get him a house party or a small gig, he never though that he can do it until his friend got him his first gig to spin in,,,,, it was amazing, after that he went to Lebanon to mix there but still he wanted more. So his next step was hitting to London in summer 2003 to performing at some of London’s best clubs….

One of his friends told him once something that made him really happy and that was that he is the hot and exciting addition to the internationally reknowned London club scene.

With over five years experience he keep his crowd salivating in anticipation to his next mix, the real ravers succomb to his expertise, his muse is dance and his style is minimal, tech and electro with the added spice of his middle eastern homelands.

His beats echo mysteriously around the dusky dance floor enticing the crowd to move the rhythms of hi unique style, in three words: hypnottizing, electrifying and elevating.

The last two years in London he has accumulated numerous residencies, nigths and gigs in London’s best clubs such as The End, The Egg, Pacha London, Ministry of sound and The Cross playing alongside some of dance music biggest names.


He take each gig differently than the other, but it all depends on the sound system, the set-up, the lighting, what time he is playing, who’s on before him, and how late or early it is??

There are so many things that he has to take into account. That’s why he take’s a lot of music with him, he has to be versatile and creative than others, and not caring what others have done before or after him. he always think positive and hard about each gig and he like’s to be very professional about it.

The most important to him is attitude, every aspect has to be right that’s the way he like’s it to be. The scene needs good gigs all the time. When every there’s a duff party people walk away from it in disappointment, it does not only reflects poorly on the promoter, but also on the scene in general and people will lose confidence. You want them going to clubs and parties week after week, thinking it’s fantastic.


More studio production, and DJing all over.