Top 25k on The DJ List

Asif Ahmed

Houston, United States

Progressive House, Tech House

Asif Ahmed Beatport


This 24-year-old DJ/Producer has lived on three different continents; ASIF AHMED, a colorful and intense personality, has developed a multicultural perspective of the world while adapting to life in three distinct societies. A native of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Asif left his country at the age of thirteen to take up residence in Hammersmith, London, UK. After completing his secondary education in England, he immigrated with his family to the United States. Today, Asif’s home is Houston, Texas. When not spinning as a resident at one of Texas’ best clubs, BARCODE, he attends the University of Houston and works as a financial advisor.

Musically, in keeping with his global worldview, Asif has been consumed by a deep desire to explore any and all sounds that move him; he is constantly seeking out that which reflects an uncompromised artistic vision and an essence of quality, whether it is rock, electronic, world, or other. He resists the dogma and inflexibility of elevating one genre of music over another, although his passion for electronic soundscapes has established itself as one of the driving forces in his life.

In this context it makes sense then that, on the decks, Asif’s own approach transcends classification. His sets exude precision, unshakable control, and logical progressions that positively portray a story while avoiding cliches. In act one, he meticulously layers ambient sounds and atmospheric breaks to build a proper vibe. With the scene set, act two delivers an exposition composed of deeper sounds and driving, progressive rhythms. Act three, resolution, is when the music and the underlying message fuse, enveloping the room and all within it in the warmth of Asif’s masterful design: love, peace, and hope for the soul, mind, and body. When asked recently about his method, he stated, “I’m always looking for new ways of conceptualizing the way people collectively experience music. Not with gimmicks, but just the idea of challenging preconceived notions of what happens when we interact. I want to use the aesthetics of sound to create a familiar, but altogether new place where we can come together.”

The dance-floor is Asif’s canvass; his records, samples, and effects are the palette of colors. For him, the DJ booth is a sacred place. When presiding over the communion of souls, he knows that he is part of something extraordinary. He believes that the most subversive political statements to be made these days are those that bring people together, that give love, and that create beauty. He knows the power of art: it can bring cultures together and help individuals become more open-minded. Politicians can change peoples’ lives (for better or worse,) but artists can change peoples’ minds. “One of the main barriers to cultures getting together is that we’ve built a world that encourages detachment. But I’m confident that music can transcend politics, race, and religious obstructions.”

A sign of his growing reputation as a DJ to be reckoned with, Asif has, in recent months, shared billing with some of the heaviest hitters in the global dance music scene, among them JAMES ZABIELA, CHRIS FORTIER, SAEED & PALASH, DANNY HOWELLS, and KAZELL. He has also invested himself in programming mixes for the groundbreaking internet-broadcast channel, Proton Radio, which have been receiving overwhelming response from listeners worldwide. When not promoting the Houston scene alongside H-town mainstay Sean Carnahan, Asif is working on self-produced tracks (aided by his mentor and comrade, SMIGHT) that will figure prominently as future releases for Cure Recordings, the same label that is currently finalizing plans for Asif and Smight’s club tour of Spain in 2004.