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Asi Kojak

Tel Aviv, Israel

Progressive House

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Asi kojak, born in September 1969 in the north of Israel, had his first taste of DJing at the age of 17 in his home town and continued to pursue several Djing opportunities. In 1992, he traveled to South Africa where he first learned about the underground scene of electronic house music and was influenced by names such as Orbital, Spooky, & Moby.

Three years later Asi returned to Israel where he decided to pursue a professional DJ career. By the end of 1996, he played for the first time at Israel premiere After Party and within just a few months he established himself as one of the top Israeli DJ’s. At the end of 1997 he had his first gig abroad and played at the “Exit” and a major After Party in Toronto, Canada. In early 1998 he played at “Screen” in Helsinki Finland and in Astonia and in Kenya. Asi also played at “Crobar” and “Show” in new york and “Avalon” in L.A and “Studio 287” in Paris and also in Moscow.

Today Asi is one of Israel’s top DJ’s as he still maintains his residency at what is known as Israel’s most renowned party venue, The Afterparty at the “Haoman 17” club in Tel-Aviv And also at Shirazi’s FFF parties on Friday nights in the Tel-Aviv super club “Haoman 17”.

For the last two years, Asi is the resident and the owner of one of the best underground clubs in Tel-Aviv called “DadA”.

His musical style ranges from Minimal Techno to Progressive House.