Top 50k on The DJ List

Ashley Power


The name Ashley Power is very fast becoming a name known in the Global Trance Movement. With his knowledge of clubbing and classic rave parties throughout the Midwest, combined together with his quality, groundbreaking sets, Ashley is becoming a trance legend. Whatever you have heard or not heard, Ashley Power and his 12year reign with trance music have lived up to everything a promoter requires.

While lesser DJs go along with club land fads, Ashley continues to stand out as a reliable, example of dance floor excellence. He always brings a dose of driving enthusiasm and inspiring innovation to his slot.

His resume of accomplishments makes his name be on the rise, he has served as a resident at Nashville’ multimillion dollar complex The Outer Limit for two years, along with 3 c.d.’ and devastating the Midwest dance scene, from Milwaukee to Orlando he has covered it all.

Starting his DJ career in 1989 at local skating rinks, it was here that he immediately became addicted to the sounds of electronically produced music. Two short years later, Ashley discovered the European sound of techno.

Ashley followed closely the few genres that there were emerging at that time. From hardcore break beat, to the birth of dnb, and falling in love with the acid house movement, until finally making his stop at the trance sound, having found his outlet, Ashley started his move forward with perfecting his sound.

Now after 12 years of hard work determination, and sheer love for music, Ashley has proven to be a forefather and innovator of the trance sound.

Opening for and following such great acts as Deepsky, UnionJack, Sandra Collins, Scott Henry, Space Girl, Keoki, Paul Johnson, Terry Mullan, the list goes on and on..Ashley has risen to headliner status and proves this every time he plays. With 3 mix cd’ and production work under way, he will always be known for his passion and drive with the music he lives and breathes. If you have not yet heard him don’t miss what has become known as no less than a spiritual event.