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Ash has been playing for about four years. She was put in front of the decks for her first lesson by her DJ and life partner, Adrian B. She is a natural talent and this meant that she soon gained the skills and confidence to play her first solo gig – New Year’s Eve no less! As with everything in life she took this in her stride and has never looked back. Ash’s strongest asset is her versatility. She plays from sexy vocal house to hardtrance and hardhouse. Ash’s DJing is technically sound but adventurous. She isn’t afraid to play around in the mix and experiment with samples, cuts and spin-backs. Her outgoing and friendly personality is evident when she steps up to the decks. Her crowd interaction is superb, always edging and coaxing the dancefloor on. She loves to have fun, and being in front of a surging dancefloor is, to her, the most fun she can have. Ash has a great feel for what the dancefloor wants and needs and is able to pull out the tune that will drive the clubbers even wilder. Every time she plays out she wins over more and more fans. More importantly perhaps is that she has in this short time gained the respect of her fellow male DJs. She has never been treated differently from the boys and she doesn’t expect to be. She holds her own time and time again at big events. She is very approachable and easy to talk to. This is why you’ll always find her chatting to clubbers after her set, often giving advice and encouragement to up ’n coming DJs. In September 2003 Ash was a regional finalist in the Smirnoff Vinyl Warriors Competition. This achievement was made all the more astounding in that she was the only female finalist in South Africa. At the end of 2003 Ash and Adrian B were voted as Cape Town’s favorite DJs by Nawty.