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Asa 808

Berlin, Germany

House, Techno

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Ansgar started making music at the age of six, first learning classical piano and guitar, later specializing in music theory and composition, jazz and improvisation. In 2008, at the age of 19, he released a 5 track EP with his first solo project Hasta la otra méxico!. On NYE of the same year he won the NASA APOD award with his music video Túrána hott kurdís, thus becoming popular worldwide in just one night. Driven by his love for electronic music, he started producing and DJing as ASA 808, playing in venues such as Prince Charles, Ritter Butzke, Gretchen, Loftus Hall & Karlstorbahnhof. Pushing the boundaries of techno, house and bass elements, ASA 808 surprises with bold sounds, combining classical instruments with analogue synths, percussive basses and drum machines. Featuring DJs such as Christian Löffler, Tom Demac, Lando, Komon, Essáy, Klaves and Kidnap Kid, ASA 808’s TOYS parties at Prince Charles have become a must go for all lovers of forward-thinking electronic music in Berlin.

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