Location: Hamburg, Germany Germany
Genre: House, Tech House
Alias/Collaboration: ARTS & LENI
Labels: Deich Records, Feiyr, Hansehertz, Ton Liebt Klang


Language: English

Name: Andrei Lenart

Alias: Arts

Region: New Zealand

Andrei first started as a shuffler for Etheral Bass inc. in 2007, and moved on to DJing in 2010 with a couple 800’s and a budget mixer. With guidance and support from his mentors Ben Schamroth, Matt Groves, Jono Legge Gregory Wong and Dave Lusion he has managed to understand the scene on a whole new level.

With Andrei’s diverse range of music his style is what I would like to call unorthodox, which sees him playing Commercial, House, Electro House, Tech House and plenty more to come. He is slowly but surely becoming an underdog of the scene, we are yet to expect great things from him in the near future.



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