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New York, United States

House, Tech House

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Artimixx – “Art in the Mix”


Federico “Artie” Rivera also known as “Artimixx” is the man from New York City (“The Big Apple”). Originally born and raised in the Bronx and from Puerto Rican heritage. Artie’s whole life revolves around music, friends and family. He is humble as can be. He has been in music since 80’s Hip Hop entered the scene. NYC remembers him as Artie or DJ Artie Art. From this time he learned to spin from watching the greats like Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore and Charlie Chase of the Cold Crush Brothers. Later adapting to playing “Freestyle”, “Philly Sound”, "Chicago Sound” (the beginnings of House music) and “Eighties Pop” Euro dance. Artie also was part of the “Zulu Nation” founded by Afrika Bambattaa and participated in many “Block Parties” and “Jams” in the park in the Bronx and Harlem, which was the only way to party at that time.

1992 Artimixx shifted his style when Jamaican “Reggae Dancehall” entered the NYC scene. His name Artimixx was actually given to him by a Reggae promoter who called him “Artie Mix – The Rasta Rican”; Artie’s name later changed to “Artimixx” while in Germany. As the music scene changed and club music became more popular, Artimixx became more involved when he started working at “Downtown Records” which was the industry meeting point and the hottest record store in NYC at the time. This is where tunes were supplied to up and coming DJ’s like Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope, Roger Sanchez, Junior Vasquez, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, David Cole (RIP) and many more who are now in the forefront of today’s dance music scene. While working at Downtown, Artimixx grew a strong interest in producing music of the kind he likes to spin. Dave Morales, Matthias Heilbronn, Frankie Knuckles and many more were his studio session examples that helped him create his new groove.


The dance music scene was growing larger with the inclusion of the imported styles from Europe. Many labels were putting out their brand of music and NYC was abundant with musical flavor from all sides. Artimixx was heavy into the industry scene at this time and worked for two record labels including as A&R and Distribution for DIG IT International’s NY office. He then worked doing DJ and Club promotions. NY nightlife use to go on all hours and NYC remembers a few clubs that stayed open till noon the next day.


We entered a new century and while some in the world feared its end, Artimixx was just beginning to gear up his production more than ever with excess studio time and dedication developing his ear for music. His first overseas DJ gig was in the UK at the “Custard Factory” Birmingham then in Thailand at the “Narcissus Club” in Bangkok. After spinning that night in Bangkok, Artimixx then traveled to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan were he witnessed the “Fullmoon Party” with thousands of party goers in attendance. Upon returning to New York, Artimixx found new interest in “Progressive”, “Tech House”, “Trance” and “Funky Techno” and the feeling of spinning in front of massive crowds during a sunrise in paradise. This was then sidetracked by 9/11 but for only a moment because the incident only fueled his desire to travel.

Artimixx planned his trip, made the calls and by Dec’ 19th 01 he was back in Thailand. Artimixx was living on Koh Samui, Sister Island to Koh Phangan and home of famous beach parties. Artimixx developed his mixing skills to move a massive 2,000 or better crowd under one groove whose participants came from all corners of the world. Playing music to people with different tastes Artimixx was spinning there for 14 months playing every beach party on Samui and every afterparty during the year of 2002. As more venues started to open in Samui and Bangkok, Artimixx was the DJ who played the openings. Later, when Ministry of Sound opened its doors in Bangkok Artimixx played alongside DJ’s Tee Deeper, Fubar, and guest Tall Paul. This led to opportunities in Europe. He was given a position at a German Music label as a Club / DJ Promotions manager and DJ A&R. He then left Thailand and moved to Germany traveling all over Europe and also visiting Japan and Singapore. During this time he also lived in the UK and Netherlands. While in Europe he played at many venues.

Artimixx would also open for DJ’s:

Sven Vaeth, Corvin Dalek, Colin Dale, Judge Jules, Cormac, Brandon Block, Anthony Pappa, Dave Seaman, Lee Burrige, Chris Liebeing, Jo Mills, Sister Bliss, Dave Clarke and many more. He was the one who left you with that burning question… “Who was that guy playing tonight, his set was brilliant”.

Jump to the present

After years of exposure to the European and Asian music scene, Artimixx returned to NYC only to find that what was once a thriving industry and club scene was now only a memory. Many record shops and labels closed up. Many clubs are now closed. “Returning to my roots, I miss NYC” is Artimixx’s reason for his return to NYC. Artimixx mixes it up with all styles of electronic dance music. Producing, DJ’ing and remixing for 27 years, Artimixx has worked and played at various venues in Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, Canada, Mexico, South America and the U.S. Artimixx also has done remixes for BT, Slam, Eric Morillo, MAW and Eddie Amador along with other up and coming artists. His musical style ranges from Deep House to banging Progressive Tech House and even Techno. Once asked “Hey man what do you spin?” his response was “Music cause that what it all is to me!” He was also asked “Why aren’t you a superstar DJ?” his reason… “It’s not about me; it’s about the music, the vibe and the people”.

He is known for his DJ sets, studio work and silent remixes. Artimixx has always supported the global music scene. Being a certified sound engineer, he is always looking for the right sound to put in your ears. Artimixx has since formed his production company called NYBeatz / Massive Movements USA and is currently only doing studio mastering, Production and Graphic Design.

As long as there is music you will find Artimixx making it, spinning it and enjoying it.