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Artento Divini

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Techno, Trance

2 Play Records (Spinnin), 2play, Dedicated
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Artento started spinning the wheels of steel at the age of thirteen. He temporarily put his fascination for music on the back burner to focus on his career as a professional biker. After reaching the top in sports he decided it was time to pursue another goal. He took up his old hobby, bought professional turntables, vinyl and started his career as Dj Art at the age of 19

Within a short while he was spinning at his own parties. It didn’t take long before he got in contact with the owner of the Scala Dance Theatre where he became resident DJ. He performed besides great names like Marco V, Bas & Ram and Hennes & Cold. The Friday nights became so successful that his name was set.

After winning the Gelderse DJ Contest 2002, things picked up fast. He spun at Xxlerator (Club MATRIXX) and INDEX in Germany.

To top it all off he picked up his suitcase and left 3 months for Manaus, Brazil, performing at several clubs and parties like Eco System 2.0, the Amazon’s largest jungle party.

Back from Brazil Artento was invited to perform at afterparty Club Organza. Where he is now starring as resident DJ at the Morning Missions as well as DJ`s like The Freak, Spider, Mike S, Kantana and DJ Jose.

Besides the Sunday parties at Club Organza he is also a regular guest DJ at UW-XP and Little Sins.

Furthermore Artento Divini formed a pack with his friend and partner in crime electrodrummer Samos (Sam Wijnruits). They already performed together at Club Organza, Billabong and last but not least… Fast Forward Dance Parade.

At this moment in time Artento has had one CD release; “I promised myself” (made at the time Artento went by the name of DJ Art).

Two remixes; Pussy shaver by DJ Felix and Tetris the famous game sound of Nintendo, both were made under the name Artento Divini.