Artek Beatport


Working at one of America’s Premier nightclubs, Motor Lounge, in Detroit Artek was exposed to the sounds of electronic music by world famous DJ’s. Working at a nightclub at the young age of 16 Artek was doing everything from coat check, to bar back, to security. He quickly became amazed by the way the DJ’s could work a crowd and how this new sound was quickly drowning out anything he had been listening to on the radio. Soon enough he was having friends at the club record the live mixes for him on cd and he was listening to them every chance he could.

Fast forward to early 2000 Artek (Arthur Palac) was a finalist in the 2000 US Olympic Boxing Trials. Having a dream to make it to the 2000 Olympic Games Artek’s dream was stolen from under him in a boxing decision that would change his life forever. Working over 12 years to make it to the Olympic Games Artek became the victim of a robbery by judges that were more into what was being put into their pockets then sending the best boxers to Olympics. Artek was truly torn to pieces having his dream of over 12 years stolen away from him.

However, taking everything in stride Artek used the money that he had saved from various boxing tournaments to start buying DJ equipment. He spent hours a day learning the craft and the artistry that had captured him four years before at Motor Lounge. One thing led to another and soon enough he was spinning at local clubs and for friends at house parties. Soon enough he landed a couple large club gigs that got him noticed by DRQ Radio’s own Tic Tak. Tic Tak and Artek went on to form what was once known as DRQDance. After two months of work with DRQ Radio Artek quickly learned the cutthroat business involved with radio and has never been given any credit for his help and insight into DRQDance.

Things have moved forward for Artek and he is constantly re-inventing himself as a DJ some nights he will bang out and uplifting house set and others he will bang out trance anthems. But most of all Artek is known for his fast paced mixing style which on some nights will span from house, to breaks, to trance, and a touch of banging techno. Most of all Artek is a lover of electronic music that makes people move and say “I can’t believe he just dropped that track.”