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Kalesija, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Psy-Trance, Trance

Arronax Beatport


Mirza Aljic, in the music world also known as Arronax, is one of the youngest psy trance producers/djs in his country.

Born in 1987, his life experience was full of twisting and different situations which made his musical orientation predictable.

Surviving the war that struck his country during the 1992-1995 period was one of those situations.

Arronax’s first steps into the world of electronic music were made during his primary school education, (he was 14 at that time), when he got his first synthesizer and computer.

In the very beginning, he was experimenting and learning the ways of simple music softwares, but then he realised that music is definitely going to be the big part of his life, so he started with serious examination of all styles and genres, mostly electronic. Inspired by the great band, The Prodigy, he fit himself into drum’n’bass. Soon after that, he confronted the style of Psy Trance. The moment when he first heard Astral Projection’s “Soundform”, “Mahadeva”, and Shakta’s “Lepton Head”, was the moment of vital significance for his musical orientation. Amazed by the beauty and complexity of trance music, he immediately switched to Psy/Goa Trance exploring, playing and composing in FL Studio. When he was 15, he met a couple of Trance DJ’s from Bosnia & Herzegovina (Wedran/Radio 202, Sarajevo; Skocho/Transistanze, Zenica). Socializing with DJ Wedran and constant work on his music style development, resulted in promoting his first trance track “Travelling without movement”, on Radio 202 (at the age of 17). That was the ice-breaking moment, when he got many positive reactions that gave him strength and inspiration to continue. Besides Radio 202, his work was also played on several other radio stations throughout the country, such as Radio Kameleon, Radio MIR, Radio TK and others.

After succesful promotion on radio stations, he applied to “Moja BIH” festival, in February 2005, which was a music festival for all genres of music, organized by EUFOR and Radio MIR. His tracks entered the “top 50” amongst over 1000 applications, and that gave him a chance to promote his artwork live for the first time. Event was scheduled for 7th May 2005, in Club Sloga, Sarajevo. Arronax managed to enter the semi-final contest, with his track called “Reversed Perception”, as the only trance dj/producer that night. That was the night when he met DJ Ajnspric (Symbiosis, Sarajevo). Ajnspric started the “Project Symbiosis” together with his VJ friends(VJ Kilroy & VJ Tizzi).

On 22nd September 2005, Project-Symbiosis Label was started, and the first release was Arronax’s album called “Dreamcatcher”.

His second release was on Psygarden Label’s VA compilation Midnight Garden vs Abstract Garden in February 2006.

Next release was a single CD on Symbiosis Label, named Floating Desire, a track that was made as a birthday present for his beloved one :)

Latest release was on Psygarden Label, on VA Monologue compillation in december 2006.

In 2007, he joined the Transistanze crew from Zenica (BiH).

He is currently working on a new album, and there is also a plan to make the first Bosnian Psytrance Compillation.

New goa trance compilation is being released @ phototropic records. Arronax is featured in the compilation with his track called “Forest of Twilight”.