Armann The Brainchild

San Jose, United States



Known from New York to San Francisco for his unique mix of uplifting progressive house, edgy trance and exquisite blending, Armann the BrainChild is guaranteed to present a performance that will stir the mind, body and soul. In Armann’s words “It’s all about having fun! When audiences are enjoying themselves…a natural high comes from that. That’s what it’s all about!” Through his nearly ten years as a touring artist and with residencies at such legendary San Francisco parties as Orgy at 550 Barneveld and Release at 1015 Folsom, Armann has had plenty of opportunities to bring that enjoyment to audiences worldwide. Voted one of the top 5 trance DJ in the US by the Afterhours Association, Armann branches out yet again with the release of his latest CD NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO 0.02. With a definite beginning, a climatic build, and a mind-numbing resolution, NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO 0.02 promises to push Armann the BrainChild to the forefront of today’s scene.