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Arman Dinarvand

Tehran, Iran

Chill Out, Trance

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His real name is Arman Dinarvand. Born in 1989 in Teheran Iran .

He started in the music industry in 1998. In those days he was listening to all styles & genres of music. He decided to start mixing and producing his own music. After finishing his first work, he found out that Trance (EDM) Music was his favorite.

He was influenced by Jean Micheal-Jarre, Paul Van Dyk, Tiësto, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren and many more; and it was encouraging him to stay in the scene.

At that moment, he was one of the first Persian Electronic Dance Music producers & DJ’s in Iran. It maybe sounds weird but at that time only a few people in Iran even knew about Electronic music so it was a really hard time for someone like Arman who wanted to make progress in the Electronic music.

He continued with producing music and DJing. He made many original tracks as well & remixed tracks of top artists. He started the internet community “Trance Revolution” in 2005 to educate talents into EDM music (Generally Trance) and encouraging them to make their own tracks. He even organised a remix contest for Tiësto’s Classic hit “Adagio for Strings” in collaboration with Kooshan Hadad. Also he was DJing at high school celebrations and others during 2004-2007.

He was planning an album in 2009 after his first compilation album “Autumn Radicals” released in 2007, he published his second compilation mix "TWO HOURS IN HIGHWAY” in 2008. But Unfortunately at that point there where some problems in his personal life, terrible disasters happend at that time in his homeland Iran. He wasnt able to continue.

After 4 years he made his comeback with new ideas and full energy for new work. He became interested in mixing styles like advanced Electronic Music.His First official track “Deist” was officially released in 2013 and After that he started to work with many producers near him as colaboration & still do.He got supported by Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz ,Giuseppe Ottaviani , Manuel Le Saux , Ori Uplift , and many more.

He has started a new radio show named “Green Life Sounds” which brings pure , melodic and emotional electronic music. Specialised in trance genre after he had some radio shows like “Trance Revolutions” which was broadcast from 2004-2009. Today its also a record label working under the same name. This way Arman brings his style of music to his listeners and gets more support than ever.

Besides the radio shows he also had some gigs in IRAN which was all underground and small cause of the limitations and regulations at that time. He had also other gigs in the middle east like in Georgia , Armenia and just recently he joined for promoting his music for getting perfomances worldwide, specialised in the EU. He had an official athorized Audio, Visual perfomance with the goverment permission for the first time in Iran.