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DJ and PRODUCER, Arkett Spyndl, otherwise known as Adian Jones. Spending quality time in studio and producing the finest sounds you could only dream of. His production consists of bootlegs and cuts, re-edits and hard drums. With a layout of releases behind him, he’s furnishing the antechamber of “Kiddy Tech” and Future trance projects. Under many aliases such as “Kid Masif”, “Mad Cannon”, “Meet your Maker” and a few more, Adian released his first album, “Fated Cirkl”, in 2006, which had titles such as “Slaughter House”, “Xxx” and “Hard and Mighty”. Now at 26, still rising in the hard dance industry, there’s been major improvement as far his engineering and dj skills are concerned. His influences are mainly UK producers such as Dark by Design, BK, Scot Project, Paul Glazby and Guyver. Since 2006, he has already produced over 20 projects and has just over 4 releases on Multitude Music and Digital Entity in the UK. With an ever increasing in demand DJ diary it can sometimes prove difficult to spend time in studio but Adian managed to balance both brilliantly and to a devastating effect. He has played at most venues in Cape Town and Hard dance parties.