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Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Arkaine is a new upcoming artist group from the Netherlands, with the 2 brothers Casper & Koen Pijnenburg and Jim Craane. In November 2009, they created their first track together. After that many followed and with succes. Late 2010, the guys signed at X-Bone Records, the new record label for upcoming hardstyle artists, to show their creations to the world.

First, Casper only loved trance music. But when he heard hardstyle music for the first time, he started experimenting with this style. Koen joined him in hardstyle. Jim was already familiar with the harder styles, and already had produced some tracks of his own. When he heard the music of Casper & Koen, he decided to team up with them. Arkaine was born.

Their music consists of euphoric melodies, hard kicks and an experimental sound.

With their music, they’re trying to reach the top, and they want to give their own twist to the hardstyle scene.