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Seattle, United States

Drum & Bass


Arithmattik was first exposed to the electronic music scene at the age of 15, in Seattle WA. He instantly fell in love with electronic music in all forms, but always was especially fond of broken beats. Shortly after graduating high school he moved to TN where he frequented the Atlanta party scene. He then became obsessed with beat matching and mixing. Soon, he moved back to his home town of Seattle to seek instruction and attempt to build a name for him self as a Breakbeat DJ.

As Arithmattik progressed his track selection became harder and mixing style longer and more frequent. Before long he found his love for the broken beat expanding to include varieties of Drum and Bass. He began seamlessly incorporating DnB into his breaks sets, further setting him apart in the Seattle area. He then began playing entire DnB sets. Arithmattik has just finished work on Sequence 04, his fourth mix, but the first entirely DnB mix.

Arithmattik now plays regularly in the Greater Northwest Area and has played events with DJ Fixx, Gumbee, Sharaz, Omar Santana, DJ Flave, and Aaron Simpson. With his constant, clean mixing style and his smooth programming skills, he is poised for success.