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Music has captivated Ariel since his birth. Sound has always been his inseparable companion and he has spent most of his life listening to what it expressed through many different styles and artists. Dub, House, Tech, Minimal and Funk have influenced Ariel since he began his career in 1998.

Later on, he began to experience, listen and feel the mixtures between the different styles until he established a perfect harmony between them, reaching the tidiness needed to create his versatile sets. During the year of his artistic development he performed en different underground events.

In 2004 he got his first residence at Retro night club, in Buenos Aires, where he shared stage with accomplished DJs from the local scene. During that time, the sounds and fervor of the people created the environment that today, 3 year after that moment, characterize him. Immediately later his style A year later, he was one of the creators of the Unique parties, reaching by this one of his greatest wishes: to create an event with a climate and sound of its own, where aesthetics and art became one so the people who attended to them could feel identified.

Since 2006 Ariel professional growth has been unavoidable and his progress managed to break the barriers of the underground scene and led him to perform in important events and night clubs such as: Shamrock Basement (Buenos Aires), Taos (Mercedes), Deep (Mercedes), Coka Club (Buenos Aires), The Madhouse (Buenos Aires), Pronton Fest (Buenos Aires), Big One, Bahrein, Mint (Buenos Aires) and South American Music Conference. He also performed in festivals such as Paradise Garage at “El Teatro” nightclub (Buenos Aires) his music. He was also present at the International Tattoo Convention 2007 in “Mar del Plata” and Insomnia Outdoors.

He has edited a wide variety of tracks, which have been adapted for his diverse sets. Much groove and a unique style are the characteristics that took Ariel Rodz’s creations to be used by some of the most prestigious DJs in the world.