Top 25k on The DJ List


Dominican Republic

Tech House, Techno


He became a DJ at Onno’s bar in early 2005 that was my beginning as a DJ at 3 months and was the star of the bar and dj for when I was 9 months and was the favorite of all cabarete dj but my introduction to the musical environment years since age 15 when he began working with the pioneer of electronic music dj froggy my country as everyone calls him it was not till the 23 k onno boomstra compliance former owner of legendary beach bar onnos cabaret bar gave me the opportunity be the dj Recidente then went to Rome to open lok was onno’s club as well chabon high abri onno’s tapas bar the country house

then return to put money to play in places like embocca in lax Cabarete beach bar, Hemingway’s cafe, the rocom bar, cabarete summer fest, bora bora club, ocean club, nu bar in Santo Domingo, brass bar as well and opened shows for international DJs such as Bad Boy Bill, Donald Glaude, alex pece, Frank Lorber, jupe, Gillan marchi, andre Buljat, Danilo Vigorito, dj Scoy found among other

in 2009 began studying music at the Conservatory of Santiago City Dominican Republic