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Electronic music producers are very special individuals, not only do some have the skills, tools and ideas necessary to imagine, write and produce their music, some totally represent it, they share it, they travel it and the most dedicated simply live it.

Argy, aka Argyris Theofilis, born of Rhodes, Greece, is one of these Artists, if not the epitome of this way of life. Ultimately dedicated to his work, his passion is clear whether he‘s speaking through words or through his deeply musical, yet strikingly state-of-the-art House music.

Born in 1985, the young man rose to immediate notoriety after his breakthrough into the upper ranks whilst living in London, with his debut ‚Love Dose‘ EP on Poker Flat in 2005. Since then, a series of detailed, lovingly expressed cuts followed on Poker Flat, Raum Musik, Liebe*Detail, Cocoon, Deeply Rooted House and Cargo Edition (as Jobim‘s Cousin), proving his ability to create a diverse range of innovative yet functional sounds. At the same time as producing new releases, and delivering numerous stand-out remixes for labels as revered as Ibadan, Simple and even Defected, Argy‘s DJ persona truly came alive, seeing him grace some of the most respected and sought after DJ booths in the world.

Since his first electrifying affairs with night-time cul- ture as an early teenager, including memorable club experiences headed by the U.S. House scene‘s finest, he was fascinated with the boldness and the power that the DJ could communicate with an audience. Indeed, it was the dedicated concentration of the DJ, and in turn the energetic response of the crowd, that locked him onto dreams of performing such wonder himself. Three years ago, after his first visit to Berlins Panorama Bar, Argy had found a new inspiration, and a new dancefloor for which to design his productions. He counts the venue as the most intimate of locations to share his music.

2007 saw Argy‘s growth as an Artist reach new heights, as his increasingly busy touring schedule, accompanied by the hit ‚Unreliable Virgin‘ on Sven Väth‘s Cocoon imprint, spread his message even farther afield.

In 2008, after a period of concentrated focus in his Berlin Studio, he presents his first full-length project, with his family label Poker Flat, in the shape of ‚Focus On: Argy‘. There are three important parts to the release; firstly a unique and superbly unconventional DJ mix, which explores the present, past and possible future of his sound, secondly, two 12“ vinyls featuring six unmixed, new collaborations with artists such as Solomun, DJ Gregory, Jerome Sydenham and The Mole to name but a few. Thirdly ‘Focus On: Argy‘ highlights Argy‘s great ability to give the remixes he‘s done for other artists his own very special touch.

It‘s a project that he feels very passionate about; the concept aims to highlight the power and the talent of the various producers he worked alongside, and the pleasing and almost mythical ‚third artist‘ that can arise from such collaborations, shaping the music in ways otherwise unimaginable. The album stands as a wonderful snapshot of Argy‘s abilities and puts on display the skills that have rocketed him into new realms in these three short years since his debut

release. Coming across on both a personal and musical level with the kind of clarity and focus that is rare to find in someone of relatively few years, especially considering the hazy party culture of the Techno scene, Argy represents the new breed of clear headed talent, who have proved to be a consistent driving force in modern electronic dance music.