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Growing up in Iran, Ardalan’s influences ranged from early Daft Punk to old school techno. When Ardalan moved to the United States, his mind would be blown by the sounds of the infamous dirtybird BBQ parties. Since he was still under 21, this was his only ‘party’ experience; yet, it would provide enough momentum to set him up for future success.

Investing in music production software, Ardalan worked tirelessly to harness his passion for the deep, techy sound.Just a few years later, Ardalan’s dedication would pay off when he submitted dirtybird’s Justin Martin with a 10 minute demo.After one listen, Justin thought the track was genius and took on the project – the outcome was “Mr. Spock”, a 2010 instant anthem!

2011 has proved to be Ardalan’s jump off with releases on Chillin Music, Anabatic Records, Sound Pelligrino, Kabutomushi Records, Evolution Records, Demento Mori and dirtybird.

You want it, Ardalan’s got it! Lezgo!