Arcana Beatport


Born in 1982, Arcana was interested in music from an early start. At the age of 9, she started expressing herself by means of an acoustic guitar. When growing older however, she got more and more drawn to electronic music. Arcana started going out to clubs and parties but quite quickly discovered she wanted to do more with this music than just party to it. So she moved away from the dance floor and headed for that dj booth.

Playing her first gig at Boa Connection she slowly started building up references and had a first big break playing at La Rocca’s infamous Backstage on Sunday. In July 2002 Arcana received the rather unusual request to appear on national television in an episode of “Witte Raven” (Faking It) where a classical pianist got turned into a dj and then thrown into a dj-contest to test her skills. Some friends convinced Arcana to go for it, and so she did. She won the dj contest, which was judged amongst others, by living legend Derrick May. This resulted in playing at the closing night of Ghent’s most famous club: Culture Club. Things escalated a bit, giving her more and more bookings, mostly in Ghent. Early 2004, had the chance to play Audition in Tijuana and was invited for a couple more gigs. A few months later she played a live set on national radio at StuBru’s Switch- Discover The Dj-Weekend. When in September 2004 Tijuana started their new season, Arcana was asked to take on a Saturday residency at the club, which she gladly accepted.

In 2006 Arcana thought that it was time to take the whole nightlife experience to a new level by throwing her own one Saturday a month in La Rocca.

July 2007 brought a whole new foreign challenge when she was asked to take up a residency at Prestige in Ibiza during the summer. 2007 was also the year she graduated as a journalist and took up a job with Stage Music Magazine. In 2008 La Resistencia was born: a new concept by Arcana in the fabulous Salle Noire at Antwerp’s newest (and biggest) club Noxx!