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Aquarius Heaven

Berlin, Germany

Circus Company, LIKE, Rhythm Cult
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Ex reggae dancehall and hip hop singer is almost new to the electronic world

didn’t take long after moving to paris in 2005 where he meet the trio parisian DOP

spending hours in the studio sure had an effect on the musical change

but we still can hear the colours of the caribbean in the vocals making it a

very interesting ride listening to his music

It was the summer of 2010 working late recording the track Universe

that the project aquarius heaven really was created

making it official with the release of " before u go " on the watergate 06 mix of DOP

and now the release of his first EP "7days " with circus company

Born the 7th of february 1981 thus the name Aquarius (waterman) ,also having the same birthday

with Clement (dop) this was one of the factors leading to the name Aquarius heaven