Aquari aka Ed Hodges fell in love with music at a very early age with artists of the early 90’s. In 1994/5 He was given a tape by a friend of a Midsummer nights dream rave, and was hooked! Over they years my tapes had come and gone and cd collection growing rapidly he decided to give it a go for himself. He started with some cheap soundlab decks and a borrowed mixer and a few trance records, picking up beat matching pretty quickly he soon progressed to mixing different styles of music to the displeasure of his parents! Aquari settled into the role as a Drum and Bass DJ in 2000, but still with his soundlab holding him back his love for DJing faltered and he found other indulgences that took up his time and money. Everything changed when he went to Univ. and got out of the small country town that had been strangling his creativity. He met another DJ, Tonic, who rekindled his passion for DJing. And with that itch needing a scratch he saved and bought a set of technic 1210’s, from that moment Aquari has never looked back!