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Mechanicsburg, United States


Apostle Beatport


DJ Apostle grew up and is currently living in the small town of Camp Hill, PA. He is currently a computer science major at Harrisburg Area Community College. His interest in the world of electronica began with his fascination of the movie entitled “Hackers.” He enjoyed the movie and soundtrack, yet did not pursue purchasing the music of any of the artists featured on it.

About two or three years ago, a friend played Moby’ “Natural Blues.” This was DJ Apostle’ start of his enjoyment of what is generally called “Electronica.” When he had some money to spare, the same friend that had introduced him formally took him to a local CD store and had him purchase “Tranceport” by Paul Oakenfold. The music on this CD forever changed him.

As time went on, more CDs were bought (with artists such as BT, Moby, Orbital, The Crystal Method, etc), and his ever-growing obsession continued. Before the Christmas of 2001, DJ Apostle invested in two belt-drive Stanton turntables and a Korg Kaoss mixer. He purchased his first vinyl and set off to learn the trade. Fascinated with storytelling,

DJ Apostle has pleased crowds with his “stories” or as most would call “mixes” by setting spinning a set that takes the audience on a journey through bpm and energy using the latest in progressive, melodic, and hard trance.