Ever since Aphotik can remember it was everything music. He started dancing at a young age, a kid dancing to Michael Jackson in front of the T.V. As he grew up he was introduced to Breaks and fell in love with them. Planet Rock was the anthem. He and his friends had one tape for the longest of time…“Bass Cube”, it had this killer mix of Planet Rock that they would abuse day in and day out. Most days after school it they would meet up at a good friend Alex’s house and chill for hours listening to music and practicing. As they got older it turned from hardcore power moves to popping. He can still get down a little now, but it’s been a long time since they’ve practiced like they used to. The whole time he would pick apart songs and remix them in his head. He would watch DJ’s spin and move crowds and thought to himself, that could be me. He first started with House and Trance only to realize that even though he love’d to dance to House he couldn’t stray from Breaks and his love for Drum & Bass. Life set in and he wasn’t able to pursue his dreams. Now that things are going better Aphotik has been picking up records and getting back into it. He picked it back up the beginning of 2005 and we’ll see where it takes him in the future. He also has some tracks of his own that he’s been working on so keep an ear out for those also. Striving to better himself every day and with confidence, practice and in time he’ll rock a crowd.